How much do drivers make with GoCatch?

It’s easy to drive and earn on your schedule with GoCatch. But before you get started, you may want to know how much you can make as a driver.

How much do drivers make?

Simply put – with GoCatch, you get a better deal and the ability to earn more money, everyday. We give you the flexibility of driving on your schedule. Fares that you earn are automatically paid out twice-weekly to your bank account.

So how much can you earn driving? We’ll walk you through how we calculate fares when you drive with GoCatch.

How are GoCatch fares calculated?

When a passenger completes a trip with you, they are charged a fare which is calculated based on the distance traveled from pickup to destination, the time the trip took as well as other fees and charges.

Before you accept an incoming job request, a fare estimate for the trip will be provided. This is only an estimate, as varying factors can alter this estimate, such as traffic, tolls and diversions.

Fare Structure Minimum Fare Payout
Minimum Fare Payout
Per Minute $0.34 + $0.55 +
Per KM $1.23 + $2.47 +
Base Fare $2.12 + $7.65 +
Minimum Fare $6.80 $17.00

Driver Execution Rate

GoCatch measures the rate at which drivers complete jobs that they accept. This is called your Execution Rate and is simply your completed jobs divided by your accepted jobs.

Your Execution Rate is an important indicator of your level of customer service and professionalism. You should always make your best effort to pickup a passenger by calling them, texting them and waiting at the pickup for at least 5 minutes.

The best GoCatch drivers have an Execution Rate of 100% and every driver should aim for at least 90%. Drivers earn and retain their status by a high execution rate and accumulating GoPoints from every trip they complete. Completing more jobs means earning more GoPoints. More GoPoints means better jobs, and more money.

Driver Commission

With GoCatch, you'll earn more everyday with up to 85% of the fare on every completed trip.
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Do GoCatch drivers need an ABN and have to pay GST?

An ABN is required to drive with GoCatch for Australian tax purposes. Don’t have an ABN? Easily apply for one with our partner, Veromo.

GoCatch is GST and tax compliant – which means we pay GST on our part of the fare. It is a drivers responsibility to seek tax advice in relation to the lodgement of their Annual GST Return or Quarterly BAS Statement. When a payment of a fare by a passenger is made to GoCatch we act in our capacity as your limited payment collection agent. The payment is considered the same as a payment by the passenger of the fees payable to you. For more information, refer to GoCatch Legal.

We make available via the Driver Portal a history of all transactions. Drivers can filter these jobs to specific period. For any period we will advise the total sales (GST inclusive) and total creditable acquisitions (GST inclusive).

Apply for an ABN

What are peak periods?

There are 3 categories for fares with GoCatch – Normal, Mid-Peak and Peak.

During times of high demand for GoCatch, peak periods are implemented to balance demand and availability, such as when passengers are on their daily commute to and from work, or are going out on the weekend. Fares are increased during these periods which means you can earn more for every trip you accept and complete.

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