The GoCatch Driver App

It’s easy to drive and earn on your schedule with GoCatch. But before you get started, let’s go through the main features of the GoCatch Driver app.
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The Home Screen

The GoCatch Driver app now has a completely new look. You can see Advance Bookings, your Profile, Messages and More (Settings). To find your payments and transaction history go to More > Account or tap your Account Balance.

Jobs will stay available to you until it is accepted by a driver – more jobs, more flexibility. We’ve also created a list view called Cover Jobs, so you can see multiple jobs on a list.

At the top of the screen you can see your Status and Leaderboard position.

Accepting a Job Request

When a new job request appears, it will show you the type of job it is, the pickup and destination address* and the estimated total fare for the trip (excluding tolls)*. Note – this is only a fare estimate, and is not the final fare or a fixed fare. Look out for BONUS jobs where you can earn even more, everyday!

GoPoints and GoCoin estimates are also shown for the trip.

* Gold status and above.

Advance Bookings

Accept Advance Bookings to earn more and plan your day in advance. Now you can see all the Advance Bookings that come through in the app. The order in which drivers can accept the bookings is based on Status, but now you can see the bookings that the higher ranked drivers can accept.

GoPoints & GoCoins

You get GoPoints for every job you do, but when there is a short fare or if it is very busy, then you can get extra GoPoints. You can see the GoPoints for every job before you accept.

The number of GoPoints you have determines your status level and that gives you priority access to on-demand jobs and Advance Bookings. Drivers get rewarded for doing short fares and picking up passengers when it is busy.

GoCoins are created every time a passenger pays through GoCatch. The GoCoin is then shared between the passenger and the driver. The split is determined by an algorithm that factors in the size of the fare and current level of demand. Drivers are also able to make purchases and collect rewards with GoCoins in the GoCatch Shop.

The Leaderboard

Drivers who pick up the short fares deserve the biggest rewards, because making passengers happy means more jobs for everyone.

You can now see where you rank in comparison with other GoCatch Drivers. The Leaderboard changes all the time depending on your GoPoints.

You can get to the Leaderboard by tapping on the GoPoints Bar at the top of the screen.

Status Levels

Status points are calculated weekly. We combine your Total GoPoints with your GoPoints from the last week to determine your status level.

By combining Total points with Weekly points we recognise the loyalty of Drivers who have been with us for years, but also encourage and reward the hard work of newer drivers who are picking up the short fares.

GoCatch respects Drivers by providing the Destination for jobs. This means you can use your judgement and plan your day, while choosing the most suitable work. There is no penalty if you don’t accept a job. We believe that it is un-Australian to penalise a Driver for not taking a job.

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