GoCatch Turns 7 and Launches “Fastest Route Guarantee”

27 February 2018 – Australian point to point transport app GoCatch celebrates 7 years in the Australian market by launching a bold move to guarantee passengers’ fares capped at the fastest route to their destination.

The Fastest Route Guarantee means that GoCatch now guarantees passengers will only pay for the fastest route to their destination. Passengers can now travel with the certainty that GoCatch will calculate the fastest route and that the fare will never be higher; even if the passenger doesn’t know the way to their destination.

If the driver takes a less direct and more expensive route, GoCatch will refund the difference.

Making the Guarantee possible is the launch of the new GoCatch in-app taxi meter, which calculates the taxi fare using precise GPS and Google Maps technology.

This new Guarantee gives the GoCatch fleet a major advantage and protects consumer wallets.

“When passengers book a trip, they expect the driver to take them to their destination using the fastest and most direct route. No one wants to spend more time than necessary on a trip and get charged more. The Fastest Route Guarantee encourages drivers to do the right thing by transporting their passengers in the most efficient and fastest way possible. It removes the incentive to ‘take the scenic route’, even if the passenger is a tourist.” – GoCatch CEO, Andrew Campbell

The in-app taxi meter uses Google Maps and GPS data to calculate the duration and distance travelled. This is different to the traditional taxi meter, which relies on the drive shaft of the vehicle to calculate distance and duration, and which switches between rates under a certain speed limit.

GoCatch calculates the fare using independent Google data and using the exact pick up location. The in-app meter is not subject to variation between different meters, vehicles, or their installation and maintenance.

“Australians don’t want a monopoly in the transport sector. Now that GoCatch offers the first Fastest Route Guarantee, we all have a better way to get from A to B.”

GoCatch offers passengers transport options that range from Economy private vehicles, Taxis and Maxis through to Premium, luxury rides.

Passengers can download the GoCatch app in the App Store or via Google Play. Book on-demand or between 30 minutes and 12 months in Advance. To kick the week off, GoCatch is giving $10 off to new passengers who enter the voucher code GCBIRTHDAY7.


Available for Comment: Andrew Campbell – GoCatch CEO
Contact: Suling Neav 0410766187 | Sarah Ung 0423540049 | media@gocatch.com

About GoCatch
GoCatch is the Australian Point to Point Transport app with 58,000 drivers nationwide. Founded in 2011, GoCatch offers on-demand or pre-booked rides with Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles. The GoCatch app allows users to book, track and pay for their trip with ease and provides a business solution that improves efficiency and reduces ground transport cost.

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